Are Down Jackets Waterproof: Exploring This Modern Outerwear

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Winter is coming, and that means it’s time to break out that outerwear. The cold seasons start to drop in temperature, but we still have our busy lives to live, which means we’ll need some protective and warm outerwear.

Down jackets are perfect for this weather because they help trap your body heat inside the jacket, preventing it from leaving. This provides us with warmth and protection from the outside weather. Down jackets have many qualities that make them unique for every season, but are down jackets waterproof?

Yes, a majority of down jackets are designed to be waterproof because the feathers inside the jackets are sensitive to water. The reason that most down jackets are water repellent is that the warmth from our bodies warms the coat up and any snow that gets onto the jacket will eventually melt. If you were to walk around in the snow with the jacket, you can only imagine how soaked the jacket would be if it doesn’t have waterproof properties.

What Makes a Down Jacket Waterproof

What Makes a Down Jacket Waterproof?

What makes a down jacket waterproof is a combination of two elements. The first one being the feathers located inside the jacket, and down jackets usually have a combination of two types of feathers. One being the feathers you see on the outside of the bird while the others are a secret type of feather that’s beneath that first layer.

These feathers are often referred to as plumage, and they have water-resistant properties. These types of feathers help insulate the animal and keep them dry, and they work by trapping body heat, preventing dirt and bacteria from sticking, and then also repel water.

The other element that makes down jackets so water resistant is the materials that they are made out of. The most popular is polyester, but you can also find nylon exteriors. These two types of fabric are very water resistant and have little space between the fabric, which allows the water to bounce off the material and fall off the jacket, rather than seeping in.

Nylon or Polyester?

Nylon and polyester are great options, but each has their own properties that make them good and bad. They are both lightweight, durable, and made from synthetic fibers, which can help provide you with protection from the outside environment. They also both share the same properties when it comes to washing.

Each of them is shrink resistant, wrinkle-free, and is easy to wash and care for. However, most people will agree that nylon is has a softer and nicer feeling than polyester. That said, polyester is better at repelling water and is resistant to abrasion. So, would you rather be comfortable or have more protection?

What About Other Jackets?

Other jackets that are made from nylon and polyester are also waterproof. However, they don’t provide you the same insulation that down jackets give you. The reason that down jackets are so popular is that the insulation keeps the heat circulating inside the jacket.

As with other types of jackets, there’s little to no insulation. Yes, some do work for the colder days, but only a down jacket will keep you warm in the frigid winter.

Why Choose a Down Jacket over Something Else

Why Choose a Down Jacket over Something Else?

Down jackets are stylish, popular, and will keep you toasty and warm on your next winter day out. Not only are down jackets perfect for winter, but they also work on any other cold day. The added feathers make the coat really fluffy and provide you with more body heat which can raise your temperature.

They also feature many different designs and accessories, especially the modern down jackets. You’ll see some with extra pockets, zippers, or cuffs to help make the jacket more useful. There are even versions that are less puffy, allowing you to store them in a locker, bag, or purse. These types of down jackets are called packed down jackets, and they are increasingly becoming more popular.

Lastly, down jackets are comfortable. Other outerwear can be hard to wear because you feel stiff and restricted because of the insulation, but with a down jacket, the feathers aren’t restricting in any way. They can keep you warm without jeopardizing your ability to move about. Who doesn’t want to run around in the snow once winter hits?


No matter what type of down jacket you choose, you can rest assured that modern-day down jackets come with waterproof features. Either designed with an exterior coating or by use of a nylon or polyester fabric blend, down jackets are completely waterproof. No modern-day designer would dare produce a down jacket that isn’t waterproof because the feathers would instantly get ruined.

Hopefully, this has answered your question, “Are down jackets waterproof?” We also hope that this article has cleared up any confusion and if you’re searching for your next down jacket, then we wish you the best of luck.

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