TSLA Down Jacket Review

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Are you looking for a down jacket that you can take anywhere? You might not even believe that there is such a thing as down jackets tend to be bulky. This is precisely why people just wear it when they specifically need.

As for the TSLA Down Jacket, it is trying to change that narrative. Is this even possible? That is what we are going to discuss.

TSLA Down Jacket

We are going to go over the features of this jacket and discuss the pros and cons of wearing it. Are you ready to find out if you finally found a down jacket that can be used for casual wear?

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This down jacket packs a lot of features including:

  • Material

The jacket’s shell and lining are made of 100% nylon, while its body stuffing has 90% duck down and the remaining 10% is buffer for more air and space. This ratio is partly the reason why it can be folded flat easily.

The stuffing also tends to shift around so that you can properly fold it, which means you can practically take it anywhere. Also, you do not have to worry about damaging the shape of the jacket because once straightened out; the filling will return to its proper place.

  • Care

This jacket needs to be hand washed in cold water, and you cannot use bleach on it. Also, you cannot put this in the dryer; instead, you should hang it out to dry. You also have to make sure not to put it under direct sunlight or else the color might fade.

  • Design

With this down jacket, it looks like you are wearing a puffer coat that does not need to be puffed. Its fit is also adjustable so you can wear it loose or fitted.

It has two front pockets on both sides, and it has a zipper at the front if you want to wear it closed. There is also a hood, which can cover most of your head.

More than that, it was designed in such a way that you can also wear more clothing or add on layers. It has that casual vibe as if you are wearing a sporty hoodie. Therefore, it is perfect to be paired with turtlenecks or even simple tees. Lastly, it is water-resistant, so it can hold its own against a bit of rain.

  • Sizes and Colors

This jacket has four colors, including acid blue, black, wine red, and navy. As for the sizes, you have four to choose from as well, and they are small, medium, large, and extra-large.


  • Has a good fit
  • Good length
  • Looks nice
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Not that hot
  • Portable
  • Easy to fold
  • Effectively keeps you warm


  • Can absorb scents in your environment
  • Tricky to wash
  • Sizes run smaller than what they are
  • Maybe too shiny for some
  • Can easily stain
  • Filling tends to leak


The TSLA Down Jacket will be perfect for those who hate carrying around a bulky jacket. This is the case because, unlike other down jackets, you can easily fold this one flat.

You also do not have to worry about ruining its structure because the filling will adjust based on how you fold it. Then eventually, when you are ready to wear it again, the filling with fill the empty spaces.

It is also made of durable material, which will ensure that you stay warm while wearing it. At the same time, you will not be too warm for you not to be able to wear anything else. In fact, it was designed for you to layer things on it.

As for the design, people who are into casual looks will appreciate how this jacket looks because it is something that you can wear on an everyday basis.

It also has a hood so that you can protect your head against cold temperatures. In order to warm your hands, you can put them inside the front pockets.

This jacket is available in four classic color choices and four sizes, which are a bit smaller than the standard. When you purchase this jacket, do note that you must wash it as per instruction and keep it away from items that might stain it.

Comparison with the Sofforano Women’s Down Jacket

The biggest difference between the two down jackets is that the one from Hifeos does not have a hood. Also, its design is sleeker and shinier. When you wear this jacket, it is as if you are wearing a puffy biker jacket.

The lining of Hifeos is 100% nylon, while its insulation is 100% polyester and filling is a combination of 90% duck down and 10% feather. Needless to say, this is a cozy down jacket, but you can no longer layer anything on it or even wear warm clothing inside.

In case you do so, the result is a hot and sweaty mess. Therefore, you can only wear the down jacket of Hifeos when it is freezing outside. Definitely, for you to get warm, you really have to make your fashion sense suffer a little bit.

On the positive side, it does have a sleek design which will go well with basic jeans. Its zipper is hidden so that when you zip it up, it is as if the jacket is just pieced together at the front.

Additionally, it has a slim fit, which can benefit a lot of women who tend to look baggy when wearing puffy jackets. Lastly, it comes in two colors: red and black.


We still highly recommend the TSLA Down Jacket because you can use it both in cold and warm temperatures. Not only can you use it on casual days due to its style, but you can easily take it off and stash it somewhere where you are assured that it will not get broken. From camping trips to lunch dates, this down jacket can prove to be your best friend.

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